Latest SEO Trends and Google Changes in the Year 2018

We have already completed nine months of the year 2018 and talking about the changes and SEO trends occurred in this year has been huge; from mobile first indexing to artificial intelligence. Also, we hope that by the end of this year, Google algorithm might change.

Before we head into the recent developments, look back in the year 2010, when Google was being criticised by the media for the increasing amount of content in the search result and those that contain spammy or low-quality content. Thereafter, in February 2011 the Google Panda was updated which has reported spam and low-quality content.

From thereon, Google has already taken up action to combat the issue and also banned publishers who promoted fake news. And further, in the year 2015, the researchers released a paper on knowledge-based trust and evaluated the quality of web pages based on their facts and accuracy rather than a number of inbound links.

No matter how criticism and allegations Google has listened, now it is clear that Google is only interested in making truth a ranking factor. Look here below some latest trends which have changed recently and uplifted the game of ranking factor.

Voice search and featured snippets will develop

Being mobile phone one of the primitive ways to make Google search, the voice search comes one in five mobile search queries. This number might likely to rise as Google Assistant-enabled devices might continue to grow in popularity. And this can also lead to an increase in the featured excerpt from where the Google, sources its voice search results.

A study was done by Stone Temple Consulting last year which stated that the featured snippets are appearing on about 30 per cent of the 1.4 million queries on where they tested.

Artificial intelligence (AI) also contribute to the traits of search

Google has developed a cloud vision API which helps in recognizing the enormous number of objects. Also, they have been selling their own machine learning product.

Thereby with the continuity of Google embracing AI and incorporating at their search result, we can expect search result start behaving in less predictable ways.

Target manipulative guest posting

Last year in May, Google has warned all the webmasters that the guest posting tactic for marketing as a large-scale link-building could result in a penalty. Since this fact is already known in SEO community thereby Google has announced that algorithm update targeting manipulative guest posting is only recommended. The posts which can benefit your users and increase brand awareness are only likeable.

No mention of Links

Bing has already started focusing on the brand name that is not linked and uses them as a ranking signal and soon Google might also do the same.

This has given a great boost to smaller brands that fall below their earning target. As eventually there have been a number of people who mentioned just the brand name than those who linked to their brand. Therefore, this highlights the importance of people being engaged to content on the web.

Mobile first indexing

Now, it is been three years when Google has given importance to mobile first indexing. It means that Google creates all the ranking based on the mobile version of the content. So, in order to rank on Google, you must look after to mobile version of content first.

Hope, these above tactics would help you in finding your goal and in reaching your ultimate aim i.e. to rank high on search engine pages.

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