How COVID-19 Spread Affected Digital Marketing?

COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has scared the whole world. It has spread in more than 188 countries, and spread has increased tremendously. Along with the lives, COVID-19 has even impacted the businesses and the world economy. Nations have gone under lockdown due to this pandemic spread. Online businesses have also faced this issue related to retail,...
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Google BERT Update – How It Is Affecting the Digital Marketing Strategy

Google has announced the BERT Update (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers Update) in end of October 2019. It is considered the largest change in Google’s search system since it introduced “Rank Brain Algorithm Update” around 5 years ago. The new algorithm update has been designed to better understand the importance of natural language queries, which...
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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Face of Digital Marketing

In today’s world of technology, everything is going to be digitized and there are numerous aspects of life that are affecting by artificial intelligence with several digital devices and applications. Artificial Intelligence has already made a major difference in interaction between the consumer & dealers and their marketing strategies. Now a days, AI technology is...
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Google+ Shit Down

Google to Shutter Google+ Following Undisclosed Data Exposure

Google+ is ready to close down in April 2019, but there few marketers who will likely to suffer from it. A report came out in few weeks before on October 8 morning, about thousands of users of Google+ had exposed their data to third parties in earlier during this year on March. Therefore, the company...
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Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools 2018

The digital marketers spend a lot of their time in implementing strategies to promote the brand and get unique ideas. By using some free digital marketing tools, they can easily improve their productivity. Here are few important and essential digital marketing trends you should know. Check them below: – for Keyword Research Keyword research...
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Latest SEO Trends and Google Changes in the Year 2018

We have already completed nine months of the year 2018 and talking about the changes and SEO trends occurred in this year has been huge; from mobile first indexing to artificial intelligence. Also, we hope that by the end of this year, Google algorithm might change. Before we head into the recent developments, look back...
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