Google BERT Update – How It Is Affecting the Digital Marketing Strategy

Google has announced the BERT Update (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers Update) in end of October 2019. It is considered the largest change in Google’s search system since it introduced “Rank Brain Algorithm Update” around 5 years ago. The new algorithm update has been designed to better understand the importance of natural language queries, which is considered as a significant change. The update is really around the understanding “longer, more conversational queries,” means by this update, Google search system will better understand the search query than ever before a bit more like humans do.

How Does Google BERT Algorithm Affect Digital Marketing?

It is vital to realize that BERT examines search queries, not the content on a page.

Internet users put query to the search engines to find out their desired results on them available through online resources and webpages. Getting the desired result with the essential information is very difficult from this congested world of online resources. For this, Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc….works through keywords, phrases and numbers to filter the desired results for the query and digital marketers plan their strategy around the keywords ideas to keep their campaign up in serp. But now the company Google has developed a new algorithm named ‘BERT’ for reading the query keywords in a more humane way and makes use of complex algorithms to provide search results for any user query.

It’s important to understand that BERT review search queries only, not the content available on a page.

So, there is not much to optimize directly for BERT instead you should double-down on your efforts to make relevant and high quality content.

As Google is getting better at accepting natural language and understanding the real meaning and context behind the search queries, so it will likewise get better at getting the best fit pages for those queries.  That means that poorly-written, low quality thin content probable won’t fit the bill.

So, What Does The Google BERT Update Mean For You? How to Deal with it?

However, the purpose of BERT is to give advantage for searchers, but it seems predictable that it will have an effect on how websites are ranked in the SERP results.

So, if you are find that the ranking of your website is fluctuating or going down over the next few weeks then than evaluate the content on-page and make sure it thoroughly matches inquirer intent.

Know More About the BERT Update

Here are the few tips to deal with it:-

  • Instead of, focusing on creating content, geared towards the genuine questions your audience is asking.
  • Digital Marketers can also gain a leg up by including dedicated FAQ sections in website that should be focused not just on keyword density but the quality answers.
  • As far as featured snippets, marking up pages with FAQ, How-to, and Q&A schema is recommended for increasing your page’s probability of being picked up by BERT.
  • Also of note, keep in mind that because featured snippets are picked up quite often in voice search results, the introduction of BERT will likely have a big effect on voice search as well. So be ready for that.

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