Google to Shutter Google+ Following Undisclosed Data Exposure

Google+ Shit Down

Google+ is ready to close down in April 2019, but there few marketers who will likely to suffer from it.

A report came out in few weeks before on October 8 morning, about thousands of users of Google+ had exposed their data to third parties in earlier during this year on March. Therefore, the company has decided not to highlight this event as they fear that doing so will let them draw regulatory scrutiny and cause reputational damage.

Google posted that the potential data exposure results from a bug in the API and the company said half a million profile were potentially affected. But Google has made the statement that there’s no proof on the profile data being misused.

The affected profile data of users include the names, email, demographic information and other profile data. The Google is also making effort to shut down the consumer version of Google+ and the site version as an enterprise communication tool will be used internally at Google.

Google+ started 7 years back

Google started Google+ in the year 2011 and stand as a competitor to Facebook. It was a kind of descendent to a social effort known as Buzz. Earlier it suffered from major privacy strife and caused a Federal Trade Commission settlement that result in privacy audit for long 20 years.

Google+ changed several times but never really took grip

Google+ has gone through several changes and updates over these years. But, all these efforts were in vain as it didn’t really pull off as a successful self-sustaining social network to competitors such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

Does the closure affect to marketers?

This closure will not have a great effect on marketers as they weren’t really relying on it. But this impact will be more seen in the larger context of what’s happening with the data privacy and security. The biggest companies Google and Apple are both now offering users big control over data and the ability to limit their setting on what third parties can view.

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