How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Face of Digital Marketing

In today’s world of technology, everything is going to be digitized and there are numerous aspects of life that are affecting by artificial intelligence with several digital devices and applications. Artificial Intelligence has already made a major difference in interaction between the consumer & dealers and their marketing strategies.

Now a days, AI technology is a big thing in digital marketing as most of the digital marketing operations and activities are affected by AI power tools. Digital Marketers are leveraging the AI based tools to save time and resource though automated digital marketing services.

Ways to Implement AI In Digital Marketing Strategies:

AI digital marketing strategy can transform the method to engage you with your audience. It can also help you to drive relevant traffic, obtain new clienteles, upsurge sales, and retain your existing customers with the following ways:

  • Chatbots – There are a number of AI chatbot program available that can help you to interact with your customers in better way. You can easily add chatbots to your websites, emails, apps, and text messages to reach out to your customers or reply to their enquiries. Chatbots enhance the client involvement by making it convenient to get help quickly.
  • Voice Search – Voice search is another derivative effect of the increase in the use of AI-powered virtual assistants that is increasing amount of searches through spoken instead of typed. In current scenario, we are moving to mobile and also swapping to a hands-free way of data input while on the move instead of typing on system or device.  As the technology improving, not only humans are getting more relaxed about using voice command but Google’s algorithms can also comprehend human speech with accuracy. This trend is forcing businesses to adjust their digital marketing strategy so that it aligns better with voice search.
  • Machine-Generated Copy – As any digital marketer knows, copy plays an essential role in marketing approach.  In order to engage customers, it is required to take care of their interest with copy. However, Artificial Intelligence is changing the scenario for digital marketers with machine-generated copy which is content that is created by a computer by using an algorithm, the program generate with the best combination of words that compel reader with a call to action. It is effective in making subject lines for emails, Facebook ads, social media posts and text messages etc..
  • Predictive Ad Content – AI has helped a number of companies streamline their advertisement efforts. In order to put a company’s message directly in front of the people, AI can created predictive ad content by using big data analytics, recent marketing trends and tracking user preferences. With AI tools like predictive ad content, companies can push targeted mobile and website ads to potential clienteles with content provided to their interests.
  • Personalized Product Recommendations – Now a days most of the like to do online shopping instead of going store or showroom to purchase something. Most of the retail and ecommerce brands use AI technology to track their clients’ preferences, habits, and ordering behavior. These visions help them make suggestions on products and services that their customers may be interested in and help them to customized their marketing strategy. These product recommendation plays a vital role to engage users, increase ecommerce sales and contributing to their income growth.
  • Image Recognition – In early days, crawlers were not able to read images but in Artificial Intelligence era besides the tagging friends in their social media profiles Image recognition play an essential role in digital marketing via social media and web searches. Now a days, Artificial Image recognition become a communicating marketing tool for businesses looking to personalize their client experience in fun and exciting ways.

So we can say, AI digital marketing approaches will help businesses to deliver better customer experience and market your brand and products more effectively.


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