Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools 2018

The digital marketers spend a lot of their time in implementing strategies to promote the brand and get unique ideas. By using some free digital marketing tools, they can easily improve their productivity. Here are few important and essential digital marketing trends you should know. Check them below:

  1. – for Keyword Research

Keyword research is a critical process as well as an important part of SEO. As most of the SEO Professionals already use Google Adwords Keyword Planner but is a very helpful tool that provides keyword data from various sources.

  1. Canva – for designing and making infographics

Canva is a very easy tool that helps in making visual content appealing and becomes an eye-candy for many visitors. The best part about Canva is that it offers some free template for designing.


  1. Mail chimp – for email marketing

Email Marketing is quite important for every Seo to market. Mail chimp makes a very healthy communication between the company and the customer needs. It also offers you tools which can effectively nurture leads.


  1. Screaming Frog for SEO

Screaming Frog is a great SEO Spider tool which helps in analyzing the website. This is quite a popular and most useful SEO tool that even provides information about broken links, titles, meta, analyze duplicate content easily.

screaming frog

  1. HootSuite- for managing social media

You can easily streamline your social media posts to various networks and accounts at one click through Hootsuite. HootSuite will definitely help you in audience engagement; increase in followers and brand establishment easily.


  1. Spaces free logo maker – for creating Logo

As we know branding is an important aspect and thereby having a unique identity for your brand is as important. So, a logo maker helps in making a logo for your brand and markets your business with a special identity.

Spaces free logo maker

  1. Sniply – for call-to-action

Every business today needs a social media platform for promotion, and if you are among them then you might be sharing some content of reputable experts. This tool allows you to easily add a call-to-action option in any content.


  1. Portent – for generating title

As we know that Title of the blog and article is the most important part that leads customers to click on your website’s content. If you want to attract more customers then this tool is extremely useful for generating attractive headlines for your blog and articles.


  1. SurveyMonkey – for feedback

It is one of the best and free tools available online for surveys. You can easily gather customers’ information, through the tool and also keep them engaged and gain a good knowledge of your business.


  1. Evernote – for organizing

The organization of your thoughts and ideas is sometimes difficult to achieve while marketing. You may even take some hour in thinking of an innovative idea and to prioritize it. Evernote is a great digital marketing tool that can store your ideas and thoughts in one place. You can, therefore, access them anytime from your desktop or mobile phone.



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